Our Impact

Every year, non-profit organizations are spending billions of dollars on fees billed by service-providers. With a mission to offset this cost, at any given moment, verynice gives half of its services away for free by balancing pro-bono, discounted, and market rate projects. In addition, we make all of our approaches available for free online for all to use and learn from. This two-pronged strategy allows us to make our expertise available to as many people as possible.

verynice's projects have created impact across a wide range of sectors and industries including education, the arts, healthcare, human rights, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and economic development. We measure the impact of our work on an ongoing basis by tracking the market value of the consulting time we have been able to offset through either our pro-bono services or open-access resources.

“At verynice, pro-bono work isn't something that employees do off the clock, with or without incentives. Rather, it's business as usual.” — Forbes Magazine

$50,000,000+ OFFSET
Total estimated Market Value of our pro-bono engagements and open-access toolkit downloads.

260,000+ HOURS
Total estimated consulting and training hours displaced through our pro-bono and open-access impact models.

230,000+ PEOPLE
Total estimated reach, including workshop participants and toolkit users.

2,500+ Deliverables
Total discounted or pro-bono project deliverables completed and open-access toolkits launched. 


At any given moment, verynice balances paid and pro-bono engagements. We typically reserve pro-bono services for grassroots 501c3 non-profit organizations with an operating budget that is less than $1MM USD. Sliding scale rate discounts are provided to larger 501c3 organizations as well as for-profit social enterprises. 501c3 organizations with an operating budget between $1-5MM qualify for a discount of up to 50%; $5-10MM qualify for a discount of up to 25%;  above $10MM, as well as for-profit social enterprises, qualify for a discount of up to 10%.